Christopher Clai

I am an IT Professional a Tech Evangelist an InfoSec Professional a Microsoft Aficionado a Radio Personality a Rugby Player a Community Builder a Developer an Advocate


Thoughts on LGBTQ Community

This was a writing I wrote back in 2015 after a series of events occurred in the LGBTQ2+ community segments I am a part of. What used to be a safe space, has now become a warzone. We once found safety and acceptance in each other. Now our brothers and […]

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Afraid of Success? Self-Sabotage Through Limiting Beliefs and Anxiety

Now here’s a radical concept. Someone being afraid of success? Believe it or not, it’s more common than we’d like to think. Whether it’s a complex emotional state or a limiting belief that is preventing it, it can be a huge hurdle for one to overcome.

Tonight, I had a bit of an epiphany in my mind that I might be afraid to succeed in certain aspects of life. While I thought I was never one to be afraid of success, there are some noticeable events that make me take note. I notice that as things got good, and were close to the point of success, I’d intentionally, subconsciously sabotage myself to prevent me from reaching the goal.

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