Christopher Clai

I am an IT Professional a Tech Evangelist an InfoSec Professional a Microsoft Aficionado a Radio Personality a Rugby Player a Community Builder a Developer an Advocate

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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

As a member and advocate of the LGBTQ2+ community, I have come to find it important that I work with organizations and businesses that promote and encourage diversity and inclusion in their business models. 

I have seen that appreciating the individuality of your employees and encouraging them to be the most authentic versions of themselves make them more engaged and productive.

As such, if your business does not subscribe to ideals about equality in regards to sex, gender, race, or disability, I will be unable to do business with you. Thanks for your understanding!

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Technology poorly deployed or not adapted to your environment will fail. My efforts are on service availability, not on vendor preference.


Strong resolve to solve problems and proactively mitigate situations in order to maintain high service availability.


Over 15+ years of experience while staying current and mentoring others.


Professional Ninja / Microsoft Guru
His ability to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve extremely complex system issues is incredible. [LinkedIn]

Client Confidential

Christopher always responds quickly and with confidence in resolving the situation. [Work Email]


I’ve seen first hand in many scenarios Chris’ forward thinking and ability to innovate. [LinkedIn]


Chris Clai is a dedicated and enthusiastic individual when it comes to his work. [LinkedIn]