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Thoughts on LGBTQ Community

November 10, 2015 Musings

This was a writing I wrote back in 2015 after a series of events occurred in the LGBTQ2+ community segments I am a part of.

What used to be a safe space, has now become a warzone.

We once found safety and acceptance in each other.
Now our brothers and sisters are dying as we turn our backs on one another.

Once vibrant tribes that were strong together, have become sworn enemies.
The lines have been drawn, it’s them or us, nobody in between.

We fight about each other’s pain and tribulations, as if we’re competing for a crown.
World’s most injured, What a title to hold proud.

We run contests that have become full of personal vanity,
while ignoring those with the voice to keep us together as family.

Well the credit card of vanity has reached its limit, and the bills become due.

We claim unity to the skies above as we become the monsters we once sought refuge from.

For this sickness we’ve created, the only prescription is love and acceptance, but the pharmacy is out of business. How did we get like this?
It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

We preach acceptance…
Yet we practice intolerance.

Just what have we become?
We use to be more.
We use to be one.

How many more have to die in the vain of another’s selfish pride?
How many more have to die because the people bullying them..
Still can’t accept themselves?

Ironic, isn’t it?
A community built on acceptance… 
Full of people who can’t accept themselves, or each other.

There is no rationalization to sit idly by as another’s life passes by.
This failure is on the backs of us all, as we stand silently to the crimes.

It’s time to challenge the status quo.
We are better than this.

There is no superhero in this story,
because the heroes are inside of us. 

Hold your brothers and sisters in arms, there is nothing stopping you.
Unless you’re too prideful to show you can love.

This is how the community comes together again.
This is how the next chapter begins.