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Dedication or Arrogance, I’m In It For Life : The Thoughts of a Young Entreprenuer

May 17, 2008 Personal

Sometimes I really have to wonder, if what I have accomplished so far in life, has it been worth it? All this time I spend, all the money that’s utilized… is it dedication of what I do, or arrogance?

When I first became an Entrepreneur, I was heavy into the computer industry. Working as an OEM, Networking Expert, Programmer, Security Analyst and Disaster Recovery Tech. I had thousands of connections in the industry, and was considered an expert in many technologies and methods at the age of 15. Most would of thought that I would of continued on that path, but a day in February 2003 changed that.

February 12th, 2003 started it all. One day I woke up, and my entire life, and what I focused on as an entrepreneur changed. I got out of the computer industry practically in a week. Shut it all down. I woke up a completely different attitude. I have no idea what provoked the change as rapidly as it did, almost like a switch in my mind flipped.

The files were archived, burned to CD, the computer company was inactive for a year before I helped my father build his consulting business under the company name. Then I handed control of the company to them, as I focused on my new business.

Over the years since 2003, I kept going back and forth with the business, while working 2nd even 3rd jobs to maintain the passion that ignited in me.My goal with this company is simple. To change the entertainment Industry, and provide a true alternative to mainstream media.

I started working with bands, labels, and promoters to try and find what’s missing and how I can help them. I’ve found a plethora of opportunities, and they all have their place in my company’s path. While over the years my attention to the company has gone back and forth, the passion has only gotten stronger with the music.

60%+ of my paychecks go to my company. I have gotten rid of extra things to try and gain money for newer, better equipment to advance my goals. I spend 90% of my free time on the company, and programming since 2004 on this and I am starting to notice it take off now.

In the end, I find every day a new challenge. Every situation a new opportunity. I cannot fathom a limit to the energy and passion I’ve built over the years with this company. I don’t see myself doing anything anything other than what I’ve been building right now. I feel like I’ve found my place in the business world. So I may be skim on cash a lot right now. I may be losing a ton of sleep, and missing a ton of the more enjoyable times of my age. I may feel beat down as the Industry rejects some of my theories and practices until I can get them on board.

Yet, whether you can determine it as dedication or arrogance, one thing is for sure. I’m in this for life.